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Helmut Hintner1, peter O Fritsch1, JeanMichel Foidart2,3, Georg Stingl1, Gerold Schuler1 as Stephen I Katz2,3Top of pageAbstractUsing the epithelial outgrowth in organ cultures of human skin ("Epiboly") As a model system for basement membrane layer zone neogenesis, The emergence of antigenic determinants of the junction zone (Bullous pemphigoid antigen, Type IV bovine collagen and laminin) Was studied and the time sequence of the look of them assessed. All 3 antigens were purchased at the newly built dermoepibolic junction; Their functionality, around the, Followed a distinct time sequence: Bullous pemphigoid antigens emerged synchronously with the promoting tip of the migrating epithelium, Whereas type IV collagen and oakley youth sunglasses to a wider extent, Laminin, Appeared with massive delay. at all the ultrastructural level, the organization of basal lamina accompanied the emergence of type LV collagen and laminin.
terms of foakleys Basement Membrane Zone Antigens at the Dermo
Expression of Basement Membrane Zone Antigens at the Dermoepibolic Junction in Organ Cultures of human skin

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