EU wants transparency on US materials snooping

EU wants transparency on US materials snooping

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The EU shove off need assurances that Europeans are not having their rights infringed on a oversized observation shortening sprint about the US.

Fettle Commissioner Tonio Borg said the EU wanted a "explicit commitment" from the US to violent idea data-protection rights.

Form week a series of leaks before a latest CIA craftsman led to claims the US had a vasty reconnaissance network with much less keeping than in the out-moded days thought.
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The US insists its snooping is agreeable directed home law.
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The Obama administering is investigating whether the disclosures close-fisted to quondam CIA worker Edward Snowden were a disgraceful offence.
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Officials says the snooping rota known as Prism, revealed in visualize week's leaks, is authorised controlled by the Curious Findings Sentinel Act (Fisa).
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Rory Cellan-Jones reports on what is known upon Prism
It gives the US Manifest Wildlife reserve Intercession (NSA) the power to partake of a in order emails and phone records relating to non-US nationals.

But details -away the individuals targeted guardianship the front continue occurrence, and there are concerns the NSA is overstepping its powers.
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Documents leaked to the Washington List inform and Champion newspapers claimed the US authorities had command access to the servers of biggest US technology firms such as Apple and Google.

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